Kaiser Chiefs

 The Kaiser Chiefs have now released there new album 'The Future is Medieval' and we think we have found the best copy at MrSamMillington's page. It has lovely album artwork and sounds just like a classic Kaiser Chiefs album! Download now and let this fresh new music make your day!

TV (Terrible Viewing)

 Whether you love werewolves and vampires, singing sensations or watching your beloved team lift that silverware live; there's TV for everyone. Or at least there was. Gone are the days when a family would huddle together around a box the size of a washing machine to watch her majesty the Queen to perform a speech on the one and only channel that existed. Instead, in are the days of multi-room TV and heaps of viewing material to see at any one time. Yet something's gone wrong! Quantity appears to be enveloping the need for quality as the ratings fall the floor. This portal to another world has transformed from a passion for entertainment to a 24-7 babysitter. Sad much? I think so!
 Take 'The Apprentice' as an example of today's decaying broadcasting ability. Now in its 7th series and becoming a bit repetitive, the money sucking parasites known as the BBC decided to accept even more arrogant and irritating a*******s then ever before. What makes that good TV? The answer, it doesn't. It makes these so called business 'experts' make complete, in the words of dear Lord Sugar himself, schmucks of themselves.
 With the likes of sky and Virgin expanding into the great depths of 3d and beyond, who knows what we'll be able to watch in the near future. Let's just hope that something improves, for our sakes and sanity!

Nearly there

I'm not posting anything more until the 100th view :) 3 to go x

Out of luck and out of job

 In this current economic climate the nation is struggling to remain on its feet and many are still searching for a job as unemployment levels rise. However the generation facing the biggest difference to years gone by is us teens. The young budding fruit of today's modern society who, no matter how smart they are or how much potential they posses, can't find a suitable source of income.
 I've spent the last month and a half scouring the internet every day in a desperate attempt to find that job to help overcome my forthcoming hurdle of car ownership. But no! "Sorry Sir but it's not yet June, we can't accept you here.", "Sorry young man but there are people with slight more experience at putting boxes on shelves then you.".
 So the older generation have the advantage. If you gave the owner of Tesco supermarkets a 34 year old man called Keith who has spent the last two years watching documentaries about fornicating dolphins and suicidal chimpanzee's and a smart 16 year old boy who is just taking his GCSE's then guess who would win. You've got it folks, the job's yours Keith!
 Is it the bad views expressed by the media on our generation? Is it the general belief that generations should stick together? We need to end this job drought for teens and start really letting the best man win!
 While you're there, anybody got a job going? Desperate times here!

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Reading and Leeds Line-up announced

 The line-up for one of Britain's biggest music festivals is now released and it had some first class acts such as MUSE, My chemical Romance, the Strokes, Pulp and Elbow. See below for full list.

 For all MUSE fans you should be desperate to go because these two gigs are the 10th anniversary of the release of their album Origin of Symmetry and will be the last time many of those songs will ever be played live again.
 Ticket's are still on sale just go to seetickets.com to buy.

reading line-up poster 2011

Trouble at The Ritz

 As hundreds of thousands of angry protesters took to the streets of London yesterday to display their anguish with the governments latest cut-backs and changes, trouble seemed inevitable. Most of the demonstrators chose to act in peace and normality, a select group chose to lash out and cause some civil unrest.
 A large mob, formed mainly of students, charged though the busy streets of England's capital and destroyed all that they could in their path. The majority of damage was petty vandalism however one key target of violence was the infamous Ritz hotel. All of the downstairs windows were smashed by the crazed citizens and the landmark golden sign was covered with streaks of yellow paint.
 When will the madness end? How can it end? Check back for more.
London 2 1858074i London Hundreds of Thousands march against spending cuts – in photos

Meet the iPad 2

 Well we can't say we didn't see this one coming, the predecessor of Apple's infamous iPad was revealed on March the 2nd and goes by the inventive name of...the iPad 2. The update was quite a substantial change, bringing features such as 2 cameras (One front facing and one rear), a new super fast dual-core A5 processor and now comes in both black and white. The tablet is now just 8.8mm compared to the previous 13mm making it thinner than the iPhone 4. The device is expected to once again lead the way in the battle of the tablets and is likely to make the American tech-giants an awful lot of money once again. The question is, would you buy one?

Discovery Lands one last time

 13 days ago Space Shuttle launched for one last voyage to the international space station and today landed at the Kennedy International space centre in Florida. The final resting place of this gigantic craft is yet to be decided but wherever it goes, a large crowd is almost certain to follow. Is this really the last we will see of Space Shuttle Discovery? We'll have to wait and see.

The fruit of the modern world

 We've all heard of it. Most people own something of theirs. The striking design and charismatic sales approach put's them near the top of the technological universe. I'm talking about Apple. The company that brings you the iPod, the Mac, iTunes, the iPhone 4 and now, the iPad 2.
 But over the years Apple have proven to be one of the most innovative companies in the market. They seem to rise up above and just take the lead at the best of times. For instance the company has recently been taunted by the media saying that the tablet competitors such as samsung, RIM and Motorola are catching up. So what do they do? They reveal a thinner, faster, lighter iPad which is tipped to wipe the floor clean, again. But not only did the huge changes to the tablet come as a surprise but so did the arrival of Steve Jobs, the unwell CEO who's been on health leave for a number of reasons. It was he, Steve Jobs who makes the products sell, the way he presents and holds the crowd just captivates the audience and they all become smitten with all Apple has to sell.
 So the phoenix has risen from the ashes yet again but for how long. Can he stay around to keep his brainchild alive or is this the final stand for the almighty Steve Jobs. We can only hope that this is not the last that we will see of this tech guru and the genius that is Apple.

Check in by day, blow up by night

 British Airways employee Rajib Karim has been arrested for terrorism after attempting to use a cabin crew strike to gain access to aeroplane and detonate and detonate an Al-Qaeda 'Underpants bomb'. MI5 picked this up after suspiciously persistent attempts to gain entry to a trans-Atlantic flight.


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Recipe for happiness


  • Sleep, and lots of it!
  • Love, this could go either way. In most cases adds a lovely tint of happiness to life but has been known to cause great sadness.
  • Exercise. A healthy body is a happy body and whatnot, it's vital.
  • Fulfilment in education or career. Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it! You get one shot at life so do it right.
  • Friends, the centre of your fun. The centre of your life. Friends are so important because a true friend is one forever and will never leave you. You spent some of your life's greatest moments together and need to stay in touch forever.
  1. Step ones the tricky one. To begin with it's probably best to take a positive outlook on everything. Don't give a damn what anybody thinks but you and the ones you love. They're the one's that matter and don't let anybody knock you back.
  2. Find someone you love. There's no real words to describe love because it's never the same. Not for two people not for two minutes. If they're the right person then you'll just know it's them, you can be yourself and share things you enjoy. Do it right and happiness is yours.
  3. Do the things you enjoy because if you don't enjoy it then you'll never be happy doing it. Trust your instincts and go with them no matter what.
  4. Have fun! Nobody can truly claim to be happy without having a good laugh from time to time. Keep your friends close at all times because they will be there for you when you're there for them. 
  5. Realise that you are a person, a beautiful human being and no one can take that away from you so don't let life get you down. Go from day to day with a smile and other people will join in and before too long you will have started a happy revolution so go on, save the world from all this devastation and just smile. You don't know where it might get you!

Motorola Xoom into court

 Motorola are being taken to court by the online payment company 'Xoom' over a Trademark infringement of the mobile giants newly released tablet computer. The internet finance company have owned the trademark since 2004 and believe that they could bring Motorola down in the courtrooms.
 The Tablet, released yesterday, is tipped to be the first iPad slayer in this growing market. Will the tablet emerge on top or will it re-emerge under an alternative name. Keep checking back for more.

Panic as uprising spreads through 8 countries

 The Libyan protests have now spread to 8 countries in the middle east; Libya, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Government and military officials are in despair at the civil unrest tearing their countries apart. For more info click HERE.

My internet: From picture sharing to robot applications

 I am often entering conversations about which are the best sites for this and the best for that so I thought I would share some findings with you as well as answers to some FAQ's.

 Best site for picture sharing?: Flikr

Why 'Wonky Robot'?: Well, when I was younger I had a small toy robot with a wonky head and when looking for a good name for a blog that documents current affairs in a simple form i began to think of the world around me and something personal to me. My wonky robot is symbolic of the government today. They have all the robot applications but they don't use them properly. Hope the explaination is good enough. 

Best iPhone game: PocketGod

Best iPhone app: Angry Birds

Pocket god update 37: Moron Pests

When I first heard of pocket god from one of my school friends the sound of mindlessly throwing around smallanimated islanders sounded like one of Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi's life ambitions.
However, since playing the game I realised that it does not replicate the reigns of evil dictators or the dreams of village idiots but provides endless fun with the constant, unique updates bringing extra exciting twists along the way. And episode 37 is no exception. As both the first instalment of the dreamworld mini-series and crossover with the hit iOs game 'The Moron Test', episode 37 introduces players to a whole new area to explore containing vivd colours and a seemingly innocent looking snake. If a player chooses to sacrifice one of their tiny Pygmy islanders by dropping the huge snake above their heads then they will be taken to within the snakes digestive system. Here they will begin a high speed pursuit with an angry turtle and must answer a high selection of trick questions in order to gain ground.
There is also a very limited expansion pack available for 59p ($0.99) containing alternative skins for the evil spider in the graveyard.
All in all, Bolt creative have pulled it out of the bag however I fear that soon the iPhone app will be forgotten behind all of the new projects surrounding the successful franchise.


Guest blogging project

Starting soon we will be inviting one or two people per week from a variety of occupations and backgrounds and give them a chance to write about whatever the please and give them an opportunity to do something different. If you wish to get involved please comment with suggestions.

200 Britons trapped in Libya

It is suspected that British citizens amounting up to nearly 200 are still trapped in the dangerous country of Libya. The government is currently working on how to evacuate these tourists and oil workers.

Discovery's final voyage

We wave goodbye today to one of space explorations most iconic vehicles, space shuttle discovery. Since its first flight in 1984 discovery has been on 38 flights and orbited the earth 5,247 times. However today the spacecraft launched on its last flight on a mission to take vital spare parts to the international space station. Discovery launched at 4:53 p.m. EST from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida. We wish the best of luck to all of the crew on-board and on the ground.

Christchurch: Death toll could reach 200

The New Zealand Prime Minister has today made a statement claiming that more than 200 victims of the devastating earthquake could already be dead. As the death toll continues to rise to 98 (Including 2 Brits) and a further 200 still missing, it is becoming an increasing worry that these people will also add to the toll.
If you wish to help visit: http://www.redcross.org.uk/NZEarthquake/

Gaddafi blames Bin Laden

Lybia's leader Col Muammar Gaddafi has openly blamed evil Osama Bin Laden for the violent uprising throughout his country. The tyrant, who's been lately compared to men like Adolf Hitler, said today that Bin Laden, the man behind the 911 world trade centre bombings, is responsible for the devastating protests throughout Libya and therefore hinting at an al-Qaeda plot.

In other news, a former Libyan cabinet minister told a Swedish newspaper that Gaddafi will take his own life, just as Hitler did at the closing of world war 2.

March 2nd for Apple's iPad 2 announcement!

Apple have revealed that they will be holding a media event on the 2nd March containing very strong hints (the image featured to the left) that they will be announcing their next generation iPad tablet in order to compete in this growing market.
Sources say that the tech' giants will have added a front facing camera, similar to the iPhone 4 that will allow the device to support Apple's FaceTime video calling software. They also suspect an announcement of iOs 5, a new mobile operating system to feature exclusively on the iPad. Check back for more updates!