The fruit of the modern world

 We've all heard of it. Most people own something of theirs. The striking design and charismatic sales approach put's them near the top of the technological universe. I'm talking about Apple. The company that brings you the iPod, the Mac, iTunes, the iPhone 4 and now, the iPad 2.
 But over the years Apple have proven to be one of the most innovative companies in the market. They seem to rise up above and just take the lead at the best of times. For instance the company has recently been taunted by the media saying that the tablet competitors such as samsung, RIM and Motorola are catching up. So what do they do? They reveal a thinner, faster, lighter iPad which is tipped to wipe the floor clean, again. But not only did the huge changes to the tablet come as a surprise but so did the arrival of Steve Jobs, the unwell CEO who's been on health leave for a number of reasons. It was he, Steve Jobs who makes the products sell, the way he presents and holds the crowd just captivates the audience and they all become smitten with all Apple has to sell.
 So the phoenix has risen from the ashes yet again but for how long. Can he stay around to keep his brainchild alive or is this the final stand for the almighty Steve Jobs. We can only hope that this is not the last that we will see of this tech guru and the genius that is Apple.

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