Kaiser Chiefs

 The Kaiser Chiefs have now released there new album 'The Future is Medieval' and we think we have found the best copy at MrSamMillington's page. It has lovely album artwork and sounds just like a classic Kaiser Chiefs album! Download now and let this fresh new music make your day!

TV (Terrible Viewing)

 Whether you love werewolves and vampires, singing sensations or watching your beloved team lift that silverware live; there's TV for everyone. Or at least there was. Gone are the days when a family would huddle together around a box the size of a washing machine to watch her majesty the Queen to perform a speech on the one and only channel that existed. Instead, in are the days of multi-room TV and heaps of viewing material to see at any one time. Yet something's gone wrong! Quantity appears to be enveloping the need for quality as the ratings fall the floor. This portal to another world has transformed from a passion for entertainment to a 24-7 babysitter. Sad much? I think so!
 Take 'The Apprentice' as an example of today's decaying broadcasting ability. Now in its 7th series and becoming a bit repetitive, the money sucking parasites known as the BBC decided to accept even more arrogant and irritating a*******s then ever before. What makes that good TV? The answer, it doesn't. It makes these so called business 'experts' make complete, in the words of dear Lord Sugar himself, schmucks of themselves.
 With the likes of sky and Virgin expanding into the great depths of 3d and beyond, who knows what we'll be able to watch in the near future. Let's just hope that something improves, for our sakes and sanity!

Nearly there

I'm not posting anything more until the 100th view :) 3 to go x

Out of luck and out of job

 In this current economic climate the nation is struggling to remain on its feet and many are still searching for a job as unemployment levels rise. However the generation facing the biggest difference to years gone by is us teens. The young budding fruit of today's modern society who, no matter how smart they are or how much potential they posses, can't find a suitable source of income.
 I've spent the last month and a half scouring the internet every day in a desperate attempt to find that job to help overcome my forthcoming hurdle of car ownership. But no! "Sorry Sir but it's not yet June, we can't accept you here.", "Sorry young man but there are people with slight more experience at putting boxes on shelves then you.".
 So the older generation have the advantage. If you gave the owner of Tesco supermarkets a 34 year old man called Keith who has spent the last two years watching documentaries about fornicating dolphins and suicidal chimpanzee's and a smart 16 year old boy who is just taking his GCSE's then guess who would win. You've got it folks, the job's yours Keith!
 Is it the bad views expressed by the media on our generation? Is it the general belief that generations should stick together? We need to end this job drought for teens and start really letting the best man win!
 While you're there, anybody got a job going? Desperate times here!

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Reading and Leeds Line-up announced

 The line-up for one of Britain's biggest music festivals is now released and it had some first class acts such as MUSE, My chemical Romance, the Strokes, Pulp and Elbow. See below for full list.

 For all MUSE fans you should be desperate to go because these two gigs are the 10th anniversary of the release of their album Origin of Symmetry and will be the last time many of those songs will ever be played live again.
 Ticket's are still on sale just go to seetickets.com to buy.

reading line-up poster 2011