Out of luck and out of job

 In this current economic climate the nation is struggling to remain on its feet and many are still searching for a job as unemployment levels rise. However the generation facing the biggest difference to years gone by is us teens. The young budding fruit of today's modern society who, no matter how smart they are or how much potential they posses, can't find a suitable source of income.
 I've spent the last month and a half scouring the internet every day in a desperate attempt to find that job to help overcome my forthcoming hurdle of car ownership. But no! "Sorry Sir but it's not yet June, we can't accept you here.", "Sorry young man but there are people with slight more experience at putting boxes on shelves then you.".
 So the older generation have the advantage. If you gave the owner of Tesco supermarkets a 34 year old man called Keith who has spent the last two years watching documentaries about fornicating dolphins and suicidal chimpanzee's and a smart 16 year old boy who is just taking his GCSE's then guess who would win. You've got it folks, the job's yours Keith!
 Is it the bad views expressed by the media on our generation? Is it the general belief that generations should stick together? We need to end this job drought for teens and start really letting the best man win!
 While you're there, anybody got a job going? Desperate times here!

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