TV (Terrible Viewing)

 Whether you love werewolves and vampires, singing sensations or watching your beloved team lift that silverware live; there's TV for everyone. Or at least there was. Gone are the days when a family would huddle together around a box the size of a washing machine to watch her majesty the Queen to perform a speech on the one and only channel that existed. Instead, in are the days of multi-room TV and heaps of viewing material to see at any one time. Yet something's gone wrong! Quantity appears to be enveloping the need for quality as the ratings fall the floor. This portal to another world has transformed from a passion for entertainment to a 24-7 babysitter. Sad much? I think so!
 Take 'The Apprentice' as an example of today's decaying broadcasting ability. Now in its 7th series and becoming a bit repetitive, the money sucking parasites known as the BBC decided to accept even more arrogant and irritating a*******s then ever before. What makes that good TV? The answer, it doesn't. It makes these so called business 'experts' make complete, in the words of dear Lord Sugar himself, schmucks of themselves.
 With the likes of sky and Virgin expanding into the great depths of 3d and beyond, who knows what we'll be able to watch in the near future. Let's just hope that something improves, for our sakes and sanity!

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