Recipe for happiness


  • Sleep, and lots of it!
  • Love, this could go either way. In most cases adds a lovely tint of happiness to life but has been known to cause great sadness.
  • Exercise. A healthy body is a happy body and whatnot, it's vital.
  • Fulfilment in education or career. Whatever you do make sure you enjoy it! You get one shot at life so do it right.
  • Friends, the centre of your fun. The centre of your life. Friends are so important because a true friend is one forever and will never leave you. You spent some of your life's greatest moments together and need to stay in touch forever.
  1. Step ones the tricky one. To begin with it's probably best to take a positive outlook on everything. Don't give a damn what anybody thinks but you and the ones you love. They're the one's that matter and don't let anybody knock you back.
  2. Find someone you love. There's no real words to describe love because it's never the same. Not for two people not for two minutes. If they're the right person then you'll just know it's them, you can be yourself and share things you enjoy. Do it right and happiness is yours.
  3. Do the things you enjoy because if you don't enjoy it then you'll never be happy doing it. Trust your instincts and go with them no matter what.
  4. Have fun! Nobody can truly claim to be happy without having a good laugh from time to time. Keep your friends close at all times because they will be there for you when you're there for them. 
  5. Realise that you are a person, a beautiful human being and no one can take that away from you so don't let life get you down. Go from day to day with a smile and other people will join in and before too long you will have started a happy revolution so go on, save the world from all this devastation and just smile. You don't know where it might get you!

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