Pocket god update 37: Moron Pests

When I first heard of pocket god from one of my school friends the sound of mindlessly throwing around smallanimated islanders sounded like one of Col. Muammar al-Gaddafi's life ambitions.
However, since playing the game I realised that it does not replicate the reigns of evil dictators or the dreams of village idiots but provides endless fun with the constant, unique updates bringing extra exciting twists along the way. And episode 37 is no exception. As both the first instalment of the dreamworld mini-series and crossover with the hit iOs game 'The Moron Test', episode 37 introduces players to a whole new area to explore containing vivd colours and a seemingly innocent looking snake. If a player chooses to sacrifice one of their tiny Pygmy islanders by dropping the huge snake above their heads then they will be taken to within the snakes digestive system. Here they will begin a high speed pursuit with an angry turtle and must answer a high selection of trick questions in order to gain ground.
There is also a very limited expansion pack available for 59p ($0.99) containing alternative skins for the evil spider in the graveyard.
All in all, Bolt creative have pulled it out of the bag however I fear that soon the iPhone app will be forgotten behind all of the new projects surrounding the successful franchise.


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